thick line/outline/frame/border box


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Hi, I'd like to know how to describe the two outstanding boxes in the diagram. If I was presenting the slide in a meeting, which of the following would be best?

1. Please look at the small thick-line(d) box near the center.
2. Please look at the small thick outline(d) box near the center.
3. Please look at the small thick-frame(d) box near the center.
4. Please look at the small thick-border(ed) box near the center.

Or is there a better expression than these?

  • meijin

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    Exactly. I had to provide a context but have once again failed to come up with a proper one. :oops:
    OK, let's say I'm standing at the back of the room. I can't point from there.

    suzi br

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    Well, I'd start with the box.
    Please look at the small box with the thickest border, in the bottom half of the diagram.
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