thiefer vs feeble service


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The hardest thing with this is the economics. In systems of the public provision of care like the South Australian Dental Service it is simple. The most difficult place for this to work at the moment is thiefer’s service, capitalist, insurance company involved systems of provision of care.

Hi I am doing a transciption from dictation and from the recording I heard the word as something l "thiefer/feeble/fifo/fifer Service" something like that, but none of those words makes sense to me. Anyone has any idea please what kind of service could it be?

I deduced it is the opposite of a state provided service but for the life of me cant figure out what it could be? I know the opp. of public provided system is private system. But the it did not sound anything like privi.

Any Australian knows whether there is such a slang term used for such kind of service?

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