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  1. Vrilu New Member

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    Good morning,

    Is there any difference between a thigh-high stocking and a stocking?
    I found both terms in one translation and I really don't know what to put in French.
    I searched in my dictionaries and couldn't find any explanation.
    Any idea?

    Thanks a lot
  2. tannen2004 Senior Member

    "Stockings" is the general term. They can be either "knee-high" or "thigh-high" depending on how far up the leg they go. So just "stocking" is more ambiguous than "thigh-high stocking".

    It's quite common to see a paragraph like: "Maria wore thigh-high stockings with her short skirt. The stockings were purple and orange. She found them in a shop down the street." Because "thigh-high stockings" is so long in English, we'd use the general "stockings" since the fact that they're "thigh-high" has already been established.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Vrilu New Member

    French - France
    Thanks a lot for your reply. That's what I thought...
    Have a nice evening.
  4. Widsith

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    Actually that's not quite right.

    In American English, "thigh-highs" usually refer specifically to stockings which are worn without suspenders, ie what in the UK are called "hold-ups".

    I believe the French is "bas autofixants", although people often seem to call them "les dim-up", which is a proprietary term (Dim were the first company to really popularise them in France).

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