thin metal beading on the edge of the cab

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I am not sure what "thin metal beading on the edge of the cab" refers to. Who can show me a picture about it?
The old green Landrover drones along the dirt track with the whole family aboard – adults up front, us kids in the back. We’re standing up against the cab, gripping anything we can hold onto – top edge of the open window frame, thin metal beading on the edge of the cab, each other… anything.
(Quoted from Anthills, Elephants, and Other Fascinations by Rina Flanagan)

Many thanks!
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    I imagine two pieces of sheet metal that are joined by turning up the edge of each sheet just slightly and then welding the two together when they're butted up against each other. Here's the effect on an Austin Mini in two places: where the roof joins the back (and sides), and along the vertical seam joining the side with the back. (Image)
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