thining back vs in hindsight vs in retrospect

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In casual context( or daily conversation) , what does sound most natrual when we talk about our past using ' thinking back, in hindsight, in retrsopect"?

Thinking back/ in hindsight/ in restropect, I didn't have to move out of my parents' house. I was too young.
Thinkinhg back/in hindsight/ in retrsopect, I was not such a good student. I was too cocky and arrogant.
Thinking back/ in hindsight/ in retrspect, I shouldn't have spoiled my child.
Thinking back/ in hindsight/in retrospect, I needed to be more flexible .
  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    Personally I would use "with hindsight", but I'm not sure there is any difference.

    In everyday conversation, "thinking back" is more likely to be heard. The other two are higher- register expressions (especially "retrospect"), though you can certainly use them in speech with reasonably well-educated people.

    I'm not saying your sentences are wrong, but I would use them like this:
    "Thinking back, I now realise I didn't have to move out..."
    "With hindsight, I see now that I didn't have to move out..."
    "In retrospect, I was wrong to move out..."
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