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What does mean "to think helping"in spanish?
Is it a verb pattern?

For example
Do you think helping younger kids with homework is a good idea for extra money?
I got this question from a conversation i don´t know what it means

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  • fenixpollo

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    Thank you for editing your post to include the context.

    Your confusion probably stems from the use of the gerund in English, in a sentence in which Spanish would use the infinitive.

    Do you think [that] helping kids with their homework...
    ¿Crees que ayudar a los niños con su tarea...

    The omission of "that", which is common in every day speech, is probably another confusing aspect of the sentence.


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    Yes, I agree with fenixpollo, and now with context it is clear.

    Other examples of this very common construction:

    He said mowing the lawn is too much work.
    They thought joining the club would make them lots of friends.
    She believes praying helps cure illness.

    As fenixpollo says, we can insert "that" before the gerund in each case, but we usually omit it.
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