think (imperative) / use your brains

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I heard someone use the verb think as an imperative, but I'm not sure if that is correct usage. For example, I had a colleague who was irritated with people who did not have common sense. He would say something like this:

a) John, think.

I normally hear use your brains in this context and, I think, it sounds natural:

b) John, use your brains.

Can you confirm this information and can you give other expressions used?
  • owlman5

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    It is fine to say "Think, John!" or "John, think!". It is also normal to say "John, use your brains!" Neither version sounds more natural than the other to me.


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    Plese let me put a similar question here:
    1. Think (harder)
    2. Use your head.
    3. Use your brains.
    4. Use your mind.

    It is said number4 is incorrect. Is it true?

    Thank you.
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