...thinking to include animals as well as plants


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Even less fortunate was the extension of this type of thinking to include animals as well as plants. This resulted in the “biome,” a combination of coexisting flora and fauna. Though it is true that many animals are strictly associated with certain plants, it is misleading to speak of a “spruce-moose biome,” for example, because there is no internal cohesion to their association as in an organism.
'as well as' means 'and', right?
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    'as well as' means 'and', right?
    Yes, but the focus is always a lot more on the first thing mentioned, and there is often a kind of a sequence. In this case, plants came first, and animals are an addition, and I think this is always the sequence where there is no punctuation: "X as well as Y" means that Y is what we might expect, and X is something extra.