Third person in the room


Ciao a tutti,
in un film c'è una persona che presenzia a un meeting politico in qualità di "third person in the room" e si vede che prende appunti.
C'è un nome preciso in italiano per questa funzione? Qualcosa tipo "segretario" o "funzionario"...?
Grazie mille a tutti! :)


Hi everybody,
in a movie there is this guy who is taking notes while attending a political meeting, and he refers to himself as "the third person in the room".
Do you know how can I translate this figure in Italian? Is something like "segretario"? Could anyone please help me? :)
Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Maybe with more context....and the entire period.....I don't know if the author wanted to stay willingly generic using "third person" or if you can translate it less literarly - if the context could state that - with maybe a "portaborse"
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