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Discussion in 'English Only' started by idania, May 22, 2006.

  1. idania Member

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    can any body explane me the third person plural in english, because a tried to write a hole paper only whit the third person plural. i cannot say: "I was doing an interview", just in third p.p.

  2. BSmith Member

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    First, just to warm up, you have a few problems in your question. Correctly, you would have said:

    "Can anyone explain the third person plural to me? I need to write a paper only using the third person plural."

    The third person plural uses they, them, and theirs.

    For example, "They were doing an interview."
  3. Joelline

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    American English
    Their is also the 3rd person plural possessive adjective. They sold their car.
  4. Yôn Senior Member

    And be careful not to confuse they're with their. I see native speakers doing this all the time. It's not so hard once you know what they mean.

    they're = they are (two words)
    their = possesive (as in Joelline's post)

  5. languageGuy Senior Member

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    And don't forget also:

    there = not here.

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