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    in a formal letter, what is the best way to introduce new arguments? I know that "First of all/ Firstly" and "Secondly" are ok but "thirdly" and "fourthly" are not. What expressions should be used?

    THank you
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    You can use "firstly, secondly, thirdly, and fourthly," but these end up sounding repetitive. Personally, I would vary by using phrases like "in the third place" and "finally."

    Do you really need to number them all? You could also use phrases like "furthermore" and "in addition."
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    If you look in the WR dictionary entry for firstly you will find several threads on this topic.
    As TT suggests, it is a chestnut.

    I can't cope with narrative firstly, secondly, thirdly ... and I believe I described sixthly as intolerable :) But that is personal prejudice.
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    This has been discussed at length, at least a few times (I think), but I'm another who dislikes "firstly" and the whole string of strange numbers that are the logical consequence. :)
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    Any of my students who used ordinal numbers past "second" were told to develop a vocabulary. It's only my opinion, but I find it's tedious to read ordinals and they get in the way of the information one is trying to convey. I much prefer the aforementioned, next, furthermore, in addition to; however, I find last, finally, or in conclusion, acceptable. The sage on the stage has spoken. :D
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    I'm very grateful to all of you:
    firstly, to bibliolept;
    secondly, to Boston Dude;
    thirdly, to Thomas Tompion;
    fourthly, to panjandrum;
    fifthly, to gaer;
    and... FINALLY, to Cathy Rose


    Thank you very much
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    Stylistically, I would say, whichever one you pick, stick with it and avoid paragraphs like: "First, I discuss this. Secondly, I discuss that. In the third place, I discuss the other."
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    I think that is the most important point. :)
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    If you feel strongly that the numbering should be included prominently, perhaps you can actually label your points by staring the paragraphs with the Arabic numerals.
  12. xshortyheartsux New Member

    If I was making arguments i would used next, then, and finally. I wouldn't want to keep repeating numbers.

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