thirty degrees in the north latitude


Around 30 degrees in the north latitude, a storm blows across the Pacific.

Does the above sound right? Is it ok to say "around 30 degree north latitude" instead? Thanks.
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    "Around the latitude of thirty degrees North"... since it is "thirty degrees North" that defines what the latitude is.

    Latitude and longitude are expressed as "{x} degrees {compass point}".
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    There are several ways to say it:

    around 30 degrees north
    around the 30-degree latitude line in the northern hemisphere
    around the 30th parallel north
    (of the equator)

    "Thirty-degree" is an adjective, not a noun. The noun is "thirty degrees".

    We say "in northern/northerly latitudes" and "in the upper latitudes", but not "in the north latitude".
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