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    Hi guys,

    may I ask for some help please for this sentence I'm composing by myself.

    In the south of Dubai there's a thirty-story building but there is no elevator.
    في جنوب دبي هناك مَبْنَى بثلاثون طابق ولكن ليس هناك مصعد

    My first question is the thirty-story building translation in Arabic correct in my sentence?
    I just want to say a building with thirty stairs basically.

    The second question is I would like to add yet in order to add a precision to that sentence.
    Can someone tell me how can I say it in MSA? (i.e there is no elevator yet)

  2. Haroon

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    C A I R O
    First: a thirty-story building is مبنى من ثلاثين طابقا . I am not sure about the correct use of "thirty stairs"! Do you mean مبني به 30 درجة من درجات السلم.
    Second; if you add "yet" you may say - ومع هذا/ولكن ليس به مصعد.
  3. aurelien.demarest

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    Thank Haroon

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