This coffee is different from those ones

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- What's the difference?
- This coffee is different from_______ .
A. that one :tick:
B. that ones :cross:
C. those ones :tick:
D. other :cross:

In my opinion, A is correct, but C is correct too.
(1) This coffee is different from those ones.
It means that this glass of coffee is different from all those glasses of coffee. Coffee in this situation is countable noun

I wonder the sentence (1) and my observation is correct?
I hope to receive your advice.
Many thanks in advance.
  • As you should know by now, there are many things you can say in English that are grammatically correct, but which are nevertheless completely unnatural, and things that no native speaker would ever say. "Those ones" fits that description.

    You little ripper!

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    I found this article on the subject interesting:

    The Grammarphobia Blog: These ones and those ones

    Logically, the plural form of this noun phrase would be “these ones.” And logically, we can’t see any reason why this would be grammatically incorrect. “Which ones do I like? I like these ones.”
    The chief argument against “these ones” is that “these” alone would suffice (“I like these”). But the same objection could be made against the singular form: Instead of “I like this one,” you could simply say “I like this.” So that argument isn’t convincing.
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