this competition offers so many kinds of sports

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I'm a teacher and my students wrote an essay about a sports competition taking place at our school. The whole situation is fictional. One girl started a new paragraph this way:

Because this competition offers so many different kinds of sports, good safety is not possible. Several students said that they would like to have fewer different competitions.

So there is actually one big sports competition, but several smaller sports competitions are part of it and students compete in different disciplines.

Would you leave the highlighted part as it is or would you change it? Ignore her arguments. When I read her sentences, a lot of questions come up: Why are good safety conditions not possible? Etc. Right at the moment I'm only interested in the correctness of the highlighted phrase.

I'd write: Because so many different kinds of sports are part of this competition...
Or: During this event so many different kinds of sports will be offered...
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    I see nothing wrong with what the student wrote. Yes, there are other ways of phrasing this and some may sound better, but that is a matter of preference.


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    I agree. I would be likely to suggest cutting "different kinds of" and "good" if I were editing this, but I see nothing wrong with the way the sentence is structured.


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    It sounds a bit odd to me to say that a competition offers so many different kinds of sports. I'd change it something like includes.

    I'd also suggest using the singular sport. You can talk about many different sports, but in "many different kinds of...", sport would be regarded as uncountable.


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    I would re-phrase the sentence as follows [as to the bold sentence, only]

    Because this competition includes so many different kinds of sport.

    I think in American English, they would say kinds of sports.
    In British English, sport is used for general sport activities and used as adjective, as well, such as a Sport section, whereas Americans would say a Sports section [referred to newspapers].
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