this concept was beyond my ability/ capacity to understand

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Bemused27, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Bemused27 New Member

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    I have been reading WR for at least 5 years and am posting for the first time. Thank you so very much for the amazing help over the years.

    My question is with the phrase, "al di là". I used it quite improperly the other day I discovered when I attempted to say, "questa cosa era al di là mia capacita di capire". She looked at me, puzzled, and asked what I was trying to say. I answered, "well, I want you to know that this concept was beyond my ability/ capacity to understand". She said that al di là is not "beyond" in this sense but is more so used to state something that is almost other worldy. Would you please explain a proper way to define "al di là" or an instant when a native speaker may use this? Thanks for your time and help.
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    Hello and welcome :)
    We have quite a lot of previous threads about "al di là": in compliance with Rule #1, please check those and, if further clarification is needed, feel free to add your further question to one of them.

    For your specific case, I actually disagree with your friend. Your Italian sentence was quite right, apart from one word missing: "questa cosa era al di là della mia capacita di capire".
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