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Hola a todos:

Estoy trabajando en la traducción de un contrato escolar. Una de las clausulas dice lo siguiente "This contract can be severed by Xyz without cause, at any time". No tengo mucho conocimiento sobre temas legales/jurídicos y desconozco como podría traducir "severed" en este contexto.

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    Los contratos se anulan si tienen un vicio o defecto, que no es lo que dice la frase. El texto da derecho a Xyz a rescindir el contrato, no porque tenga un vicio, sino por la sola voluntad de Xyz ("without cause").


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    I'm a lawyer and I find "severed" to be a weird choice of words as well. Generally when we talk about severing in contracts, we are referring to ignoring certain provisions that might be found unenforceable while still giving effect to the rest of the contract.

    Here's a typical example:
    Severability Clause. In the event any provision or part of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, only that particular provision or part so found, and not the entire Agreement, will be inoperative.

    But that's not what OP's text refers to. Instead, it's referring to termination. I'm not comfortable guessing whether it should be translated as anular, rescindir, extinguir, or resolver.
    Terminate (a contract/agreement)
    terminate an agreement upon 30 days

    To rescind (rescission) is a different concept that involves rewinding the relationship as if no contract ever existed. For example, an insurance company might rescind a policy if it learns that the policyholder lied in the coverage application. The insurance company refunds the premium and acts as if the policy never existed.
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    I'm certainly not a lawyer but I do sometimes translate contracts. I think the word in the OP's context is definitely "terminate".