this falls up there


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You know what this house weirdly reminds of? ... Monitor's Rest, the most expensive house in Utah.... Although the finishes are not very similar or anything.... It's almost just like... the variety of design and like... how solid everything feels. ... It's like that's one of my favorite homes ever. ... And you know, this falls up there for me also.


I'm watching a video where two guys are taking a house tour of a big mansion, during which one of them says the above.
I can kind of guess what he means by that, but just to be sure, I looked it up but nothing comes up on Google search on "fall up there". Is this an established expression people use?
  • No, it is not a standard expression.

    He means that, if he listed his favorite homes, this home would be "up there" (high up) on his list.
    He says "also" because he says that "Monitor's Rest" would also be high on his list of favorite homes.
    I don't think "falls" should be used. That is not clear. "Is" is better.

    But the idea is common:
    - up there among my favorite Xs
    - high on my list of favorite Xs