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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Whodunit, Jun 30, 2006.

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    I hope you don't mind my mentioning your names:

    Gaer explained that he (or at least some people in his vicinity) uses "by me" in this thread.

    Timpaec used "for me" in this thread.

    And the version that I most often hear and read is "that's fine/ok with me." I'd like to know which of these three alternatives you usually use. Furthermore, if you have another possibility to add, please feel free to do so. Do you find that "by", "with", and "for" have different connotations and differing influence on the sense of the sentence?

    I'm looking forward to read your interesting replies. :)
  2. mgarizona

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    'Fine with me' is certainly the most common. And the oldest, if you can go by the OED.

    I myself use 'fine by me' but then I have a slightly affected way of expressing myself.

    I've never heard anyone use "fine for me" in that context, but English is fluid that way.

  3. Hi Whodunit,

    There can be slight nuances in BE. I will give some sample sentences.

    "I'm going out this evening and won't be home until very late. Is that OK?"
    "Yes, that's fine by me."

    "I've just made a small meal this evening as I know you had a large lunch."
    "I certainly did! Yes, that's fine for me."

    "I've checked out the holiday brochures and I think I'd like to go to Greece."
    "Greece, eh? Sure, that's fine with me."

    The difference in "by" and "with" is virtually indistinguishable and I would happily use either - but I do tend to say "fine by me" (habit, I think).

  4. mgarizona

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    I just looked at that again. "Fine with me" and "fine by me" are used to express permission, or at least an absence of objection, in a situation where a personal objection might be expected.

    Timpaec's "fine for me" works more along the lines of "fine in my opinion" in a situation where an opinion, not permission, was being elicited.

    It's not a large distinction but it's there, and as always, English is fluid.
  5. Good explanation Mgarizona. :thumbsup:

  6. mgarizona

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    Why, thank you, my liege.
  7. Krith Member

    What if the question is not opinion or permission but availability?

    For example:
    A: We should schedule a meeting, what about next Monday at 18:30?
    B: That is fine with/by/for me.
    C: That is too late with/by/for me.
  8. Sparky Malarky

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    In this case, "that's fine for me" means I am available at that time. "That's fine by/with me" means I do not object to that time. In practice, these really mean the same thing because you would object if you were not available.

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