"This is going to be reality"


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Hi there!

An American woman plans to save money to buy a house.
She says:

"I'm going to get into some serious discipline and be like: "Ok, this is going to be reality."

What is she going to tell herself? "My dream to have a house will come true"? Or "I acknowledge it's going to be harsh"? (to get into some serious discipline)

Thank you in advance.
  • envie de voyager

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    She is saying to herself that her dream is going to come true, ("Ok, this is going to be reality.") because she is going to start forcing herself to do what is necessary, ("...to get into some serious discipline".)

    miss sparkles

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    Also, I don't say,"I'm going to get into some serious discipline."

    More common is "I'm going to get serious about disciplining myself" or "I'm going to start some serious discipline."
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