This is me at 1989, I was 1 year old


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Hi, I'm new here but I take Japanes Lvl.3 classes at my High School but now I'm in a sudden ditch because I need help with a couple translations from English to Japanese. I have a project, and it involves my pictures and I need them translated. One is a picture of me as a baby. So I want to say:

This is me at 1989, I was 1 year old.
Is this sentence correct:
僕は1989年 ブラジルで 生まれました。僕は 一年 ふるっかた。

Thank you for your time, can't wait for the response. If anyone else can help me with other sentences that would really help me out!! :)
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    Hello and welcome!

    Please pay more attention to choosing specific thread titles.

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