this <is> the first time I<'ll> ever <have given>


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Hello to all,

Thanks for reading my post.


Peeping Tom, film.


Helen who lives downstairs is having a birthday party, and drops by Mark's who lives upstairs, with a piece of her cake. Learning he makes films, she asks him to show her one, as a birthday present. When he's prepared everything, the dialog below takes place between them:

— Helen, this is the first 21st birthday present I'll ever have given.
— And it's the first I've ever asked for.

Sample sentence:

— Helen, this is the first time I'll ever have given a 21st birthday present.
— And it's the first time I've ever asked for one.


I've changed the structure of the original sentences a little bit, and I wonder if the tenses in bold work in my version of the dialog.

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

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    Hi. I think the original sentence from the film sounds awkward and wordy. Your versions would be correct though, if you wanted to keep the structures. You reworded them correctly. I actually like yours better; I find it easier to read :thumbsup:
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