This is the maximum number of times you bounced a ball ever


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My daughter could only bounce a ball 10 or 20 times before, but tonight she bounced the ball 50 times. I was amazed and said to her:

This is the maximum number of times you bounced a ball ever.

From this thread I knew "the maximum number of times" is better than "the most times", so I constructed the above underlined sentence in this way.

Am I correct? Thank you.
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    In this situation, "maximum number of times" seems too formal. Using that phrase, you are focusing on the numbers, more than the bouncing. I think "most times" is better here, when congratulating your daughter.

    But your "maximum" version is an entirely correct and clear sentence.

    The other thread talked about a different situation (comparing numbers of calls per day, for many days), and some of the people in that thread thought "most" was better than "maximum".


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    I'd certainly say "the most times".

    "Most number of times" sounds very strange to me. Used with a countable noun, "the most" already means "the greatest number of", so "the most number of times" is like saying "the greatest number of number of times".:rolleyes:

    I agree that it should be the present perfect.

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