This is worth it / This is to be worth ..


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Hello there :),,

<I hope that this is worth it.>
<I hope that this is to be worth.>

I wonder if the second sentence is grammatically okay.

Could anyone help me?

  • Ilyana

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    I'm not a native, but I think the second sentence is not ok because of the infinitive. "X is to be" relays the meaning that something is ought to be done with X:
    The cat is to be fed three times a day.
    I' m not sure that I came across structures such as "is to be + adjective"...


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    The second sentence is incorrect, mainly because "worth" has no object. One could say "I hope that this is to be worth it" and be grammatically correct, but a native speaker is much more likely to say "I hope this will be worth i" if they want to refer to the future.
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