This may entrench the views of some, but they...

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Hi all,

I think "some" refers to "racist or discriminatory groups" and "they" refers to "new recruits", right?

By censoring speech,we are able to stop new recruits being drawn over to the ‘dark side’ of racist or discriminatory groups. While it may ‘drive them underground’, that is where we want them; in that way, they are unable to get new followers, so their pernicious views cannot spread.This may entrench the views of some, but they were unlikely to be convinced anyway, so outright bans are a better approach.

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    "they" refers to "new recruits", right?
    No. It refers to "some" But you have not been very clear in the context of "they were unlikely to be convinced..." as to what they might be convinced of - the necessity for censorship? That racism is wrong? :confused:
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