this old junkie

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German / Switzerland

Can this old junkie be used in the sentence below? It's been written by a student, who seems to be a native speaker. I've never seen this expression in the context of movies.

Considering the amounts of entertaining movies that Hollywood releases annually, sometimes I wonder how this old junkie is still one of my favourites.
  • Glenfarclas

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    It doesn't mean anything to me (and the plural "amounts" also strikes me as quite wrong). Since the writer is British, maybe it's an expression unique to British English.


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    "Junkie" does not work for me here, since it's strongly associated with the meaning of "heroin addict" - all I can guess is that the author meant to say "junker", which can refer to an old car?

    I agree that "amounts" (instead of, say, "number") is problematic...
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