this place gives me the screamers

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Adie drew up outside the front door to the nick, threw open the passenger door and called out, ‘Get in, my friend. I need to keep moving, this place gives me the screamers!’
Source: Beware The Past by Joy Ellis
Context: Adie used to be an ex convict. He is now rehabilitated. He is outside the police station to pick his friend DCI Matt.

What does screamers mean? The expression ‘to give me the screamers’ is used twice in the novel. Is this a set expression?

Thank you.
  • elroy

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    Not to my knowledge, but the meaning is clear.

    "This place freaks me out/creeps me out."

    ("Gives the shivers" is a set expression.)


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    Never heard of “abdabs” (but I have heard of “screaming meemies”.)

    I would have said it was not known in Australian English and yet I found this as the opening to an article in The Australian newspaper:

    To continue reading this column, please type in your password. Did that sentence just give you the heebie jeebies, the screaming meemies, the abject abdabs or provoke an incipient conniption fit?​
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