This price can <be significantly/ significantly be> reduced.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by veracity, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. veracity

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    This price can be significantly reduced.


    This price can significantly be reduced.

    Please tell me which one is correct.

  2. kw10 Senior Member

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  3. e2efour Senior Member

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    Significantly can go before or after be (it is much more usual after be). English is very flexible in where adverbs can go in a sentence.

    But you can also say can significantly be reduced, in which case you would put more stress on significantly.
  4. panjandrum

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    You can also say, and I would prefer:
    This price can be reduced significantly.
  5. e2efour Senior Member

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    I would say that this price can significantly be reduced is unlikely to be said in a short sentence. It would rather be said in something like "the success rate of the operation can significantly be reduced by giving the patient more oxygen." So in a long sentence we now have three places for the adverb!
  6. entangledbank

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    Here the significance applies to the reduction: they go together, so 'can be significantly reduced'. But other adverbs can come between the auxiliary and the other verb, for example:

    This price can usually be reduced.
    This price can probably be reduced.
  7. veracity

    veracity Senior Member

    Fine, thanks again.

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