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Today is Tuesday 19th. If someone says 'Meet me next Thursday' does he mean the 21st or the 28th? Would 'Meet me this Thursday' be different?

It was explained to me that 'next Thursday' refers to the 28th as it is in the following week. 'This Thursday' refers to Thursday this week and would refer to the 21st, even if today was Friday 22nd. Following on from this what about 'We met last Thursday?' Presumably the 14th? But what would I say on Friday, 'we met this/last Thursday'?

My experience is totally different from the above. I would always interpret next/this Friday as the same thing (21st). In fact I would just say 'meet me on Friday' if I meant the first available Friday. If I meant the 28th I would say 'Friday week'. Similarly last Friday is always the most recent one

If you add in complications of on which day the week starts the opportunity for misunderstandings seem to be legion.

I guess this could be a regional/national thing; I am a native English speaker.
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    Wel, I'm a non-native, but I still think you're right :D

    For me, meet me next Thursday and this Thursday are the same, unless today was Wednesday, when I would probably interpret next Thursday as part of next week.

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    I often have the same difficulty and usually ask for the date if it's something important. I would take this Thursday as the one coming up. Next Thursday usually means the one following this one. However, sometimes it depends on where you are in the week. On Friday you might hear next Thursday, while on Tuesday it's usually This Thursday.
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    I agree with Trisia that "This Thursday" and "Next Thursday" are synonymous, but most Americans, not being very technical or precise:eek:, would mean "this Thursday" to be the 21st and "next Thursday" to be the 28th. Tepatria's solution is best. I would definitely say, "See you on Thursday the 21st." There's no mistaking the meaning of that!

    (By the way, in my ["correct"?;)] system, the 28th would be the "Thursday after next.")


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    I think that the terms are ambiguous in the fashion you describe.
    On Tuesday, I do not use this Thursday and next Thursday to mean the same day.

    On a weekday before Thursday
    this Thurdsay - Thursday of this week
    next Thursday - Thursday of next week

    This applies usually. That is why it is best to additionally specify the date or number of days from now.

    I'll see you in two days, next Thursday. I might think the use of next is odd, but I'll know you mean this Thursday. ;)


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    This Thursday would very clearly mean Thursday the 21st, as saying next Thursday is ambiguous and could very easily be misinterpreted, most sensible people would avoid using it if they were referring to the 21st.
    If, however, I want to refer to the 28th I have a problem, but there are a couple of ways around it, even without using the date:
    "Meet me a week on Thursday"
    "Meet me not this Thursday but the following Thursday"
    I would use one of the above if I was arranging a meeting for the 28th as "next Thursday" simply isn't clear enough.


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    I think this is one of the most confusing things and annoying see conversation below:
    "See you this thursday!"
    "Wait, do you mean this thursday or next thursday?"
    "Um...This thursday? (as I said...)"

    The correct way to refer to the thursday of the NEXT week is to say "See you thursdayweek" And then everybody seems to understand. : )

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    English speakers have plenty of trouble with this usage and it results in a lot of questions to clarify which Thursday is being designated. Questions are something like this,"You don't mean next week, do you?" "Which Thursday do you mean? I am busy this week." "What damn day are you talking about?" And the list goes on.


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    TBH, for me, I would say that next Thursday is the 28th, and this Thursday would have been the 14th or whatever this Thursday happened to be, and the 21st is straight up just Thursday. The following Thursday would be into the next month then.

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