This touches my heart

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  • Keith Bradford

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    No, grammar doesn't say that.

    "My finger touches the teacup" is perfectly good, with no "he/she/it" in sight. "This" is a third-person singular pronoun, if that's what you mean.

    Hermione Golightly

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    'My' is a possessive adjective telling us about a noun. The first person pronoun is 'I' or 'me' depending on its grammatical role or function. The subject pronoun is 'I' and 'me' is the direct object or indirect object.

    'Pronoun' means 'stands in place' of a noun.
    'This' is often used as a demonstrative adjective but here it replaces a noun, previously referred to, but we don't know what exactly.
    It could be 'The (problem)'> It/This. We don't usually think of 'this' being used as a pronoun.

    Words can be described differently depending on their function. 'It' would be the expected pronoun.

    Where does this sentence come from please? If it is a stand-alone sentence without context it is strange. Perhaps it's a trick exercise question.

    this - Dictionary of English
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    but grammar says that "touches" can only be used with "he/she/it" ?
    I'm not sure that's meant to be taken very literally. Perhaps it's just meant to say there has to be a definite subject doing the touching.

    Please also note that your example sentence doesn't refer to a literal touch.
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