This train terminates here. Please leave the train upon arrival.

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This is a fairly common automated announcement on London buses:

This service terminates here. Please take all your belongings with you when you exit the bus.

The driver will then explain there's been a breakdown.

You can't use it for underground and other train services though, because you're not allowed to exit the vehicles unless expressly told to do so by staff.
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    In this sort of announcement we usually here "remember" - "please remember to take all your belongings with you".
    Good point; however, TfL omits ‘remember’ (which is what I used as an example).

    You don't usually need "when you leave" as that has been said earlier, in telling the passangers what to do, such as change train or go to platform 6 or get on the tram in front.
    So I think your goal of getting a statement to suit all modes of transport is rather challenging. Why add that level of difficuluty?
    Well, the announcement is bilingual, the primary language is Slovak, and they use a word which roughly means vehicle (vozidlo), and I don’t think they’d be happy to need to record three times as many announcements just because of the English translation 🙂