this TV doesn't support HD

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  1. the fifth elemnt Member

    Hello everybody. How can I say in Spanish: "this tv dosent support HD".
    Or " this program dosent support this language".
    ¿Puedo usar la palabra soportar o no?

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  2. Namarne

    Namarne Senior Member

    Spanish / Spain & Catalan

    No creo que soportar sea una buena opción, suena mejor admitir. Aunque yo prefiero decir "estar preparado para", "venir equipado para" o algo similar.

  3. sergio11 Senior Member

    Los Angeles and Buenos Aires
    Spanish (lunfardo)
    Concuerdo con Namarne.
  4. the fifth elemnt Member

    Tal vez apoya puede ser equivalente a " support" en este contexto ?
    Por ejemplo : " Esta programa no apoya este idioma"
  5. outkast Senior Member

    English, USA
    It doesn't make any sense in English. A TV set is either high definition or standard.
    You can watch HD programming in a standard digital set but you won't get the hi def.
    So, it could be "This is not an HDTV", or "este televisor no es de alta definición¨.
  6. justin.cherveny New Member

    I think the core of the question is the translation of the word "support" in terms of technology having specific features. For example, "This device does not support any roaming options" is a common way of saying it doesn't HAVE any options for roaming.
    You might say something like "El televisor no TIENE HD," o "El dispositivo no TIENE opciones de roaming."

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