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Hi , everyone

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., this year's worst-performer on the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, fell as much as 46 percent after four analysts said they cut their recommendations because the firm's credit rating may be lowered. Lehman fell $3.25 to $4 in composite trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares of the New York-based firm dropped 89 percent this year before today.

I find it difficult to understand this year before today.

Could you please explain it.

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    It would have been clearer if the original had said "had dropped 89 percent." Doing the math in the other direction, Lehman Brothers' stock price must have been:
    January 2 (or the first trading day of 2011; NYSE closed on New Year's): $36.36
    The day before "today": $4.00
    Close of trading "today": $3.25
    The drop of $32.36 is 89% of the price at the beginning of the year, and what is necessary for the stock to have dropped "89 percent this year before today."
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