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I'm sad to report that Thomas Tompion, a stalwart of English Only and occasional poster in French/English, died suddenly last month. He was a kind, erudite man, with a taste for anecdotes and a wicked sense of humour. I'll miss him; I think a lot of people will.
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    WordReference has lost one of its greatest members, a hidden treasure indeed. I had the honor to enjoy his comprehensive and vast knowledge of English language in many different areas for more than 14 years. I owe him very much. He answered all my private questions patiently and generously. I have mentioned his dear name, together with few other WR members, in my translation of John Dos Passos's USA trilogy.
    I miss him very much.
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    Thank you for telling us, Loob. I was afraid of that, since I hadn't seen any posts from Mr TT for some time. He was a cultivated man of many interests and talents, and he'll certainly be missed on English Only. Who is there to gently scold me now for my lazy use of cliches, sarcasm and Single Imagined Contexts? I learned a lot from him. May he rest in peace.


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    This is such sad news, Mrs Loob. I know I enjoyed reading his posts whenever I was browsing the EO forum. May his loved ones find solace in the good memories. So long, Thomas.


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    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. His posts have been gentle and considered and we communicated occasionally. Rest in peace, dear soul. (And thank you, Loob, for letting us know.)


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    'Mr T' was one of my favouritest regulars of English Only, and one with whom* I shared the most 'history'. There was no doubting his expertise, and though I often found myself disagreeing with his standpoint, his posts were always a pleasure to read ~ even the quotes from Shakespeare! But most of all I loved his many anecdotes, which were often scabrous but always very funny. I shall miss his presence here very much.

    *In his honour I've used the word whom :eek:


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    I am shocked and sadden to read about Mr. Thomas Tompion's sudden passing. He will be missed. He had provided many explanations to my English-language related questions over the years. The fact that he spent his time providing answers to people's questions shows that he was an awesome human being to everyone.

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    I have only just seen this sad news.

    I had noted his absence from English Only, and missed him, so I feared he was no longer with us.

    We didn’t always see eye to eye - but he was an educated and erudite contributor who helped many, many learners over the years. His legacy remains here in every thread he has added to. Testament to his knowledge and willingness to help others.


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    I've only just noticed this! I too am sorry to learn of his death*. Perhaps I should visit Community Corner more frequently.
    *And too many others, as I am now scrolling down this forum. I'd better stop replying to obituaries of posters now, perhaps, except for new ones; too depressing. :(
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