Those proceedings were compromised

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    Estoy estudiando un caso legal y no sé cuál de las traducciones de compromised es válida.

    El contexto, resumido, es el siguiente:

    "There have been previous proceedings between T. and D. As I understand it, the claim made on behalf of T. in those proceedings was for damages in respect of the alleged cost of repairing and reinstating the main following the damages wich it sustained. Those proceedings were compromised. At one stage in the present action it was pleaded on behalf of D. that the commencement and subsequent settlement of the earlier proceedings provided it with a complete defence to the claim made in the present action. The contention has not been pursued."

    El texto pertenece a una sentencia judicial en un caso entr T y D por la rotura de una tubería (the main).

    No entiendo si D pagó a T por la reparación en el caso previo, y no sé a qué se refiere cuando dice those proceeding were compromised.

    My intento:

    En el caso anterior (the proceedings) se llegó a un acuerdo.

    Creo que dice que se llegó a un acuerdo, pero no sé a cuál.

    Es inglés británico, sacado de un caso real.

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    I believe that in this context, the term "compromised" means settled, that is, the parties agreed to resolve their differences, but there is not enough information to say whether D paid T or whether there was some other arrangement.

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