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Hi, once again!

Now, I'm coming with this serious doubt... I found it in a book of spanish phrases, and I don't know how to connect the two sentences to translate, I used "though, sometimes, just".

Here, the original:

-"Es una cuestión de aceptar que estás equivocado, aunque, algunas veces, sólo de distinguir cuando menos y cuando más!" --- I think that he/she is suggesting that we use to be wrong!

Here, my try:

-"I's a question of accepting when you're wrong, though, sometimes, just of distinguishing when less and when more!"

I know that it is a little twisted and the reader has to keep the thread to understand it, anyway, I want to know how YOU would do it, I asking for the connection, the three words I used, but, any suggestion else is appreciated!! :thumbsup:

Greeting! :)
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  • vayatalaya

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    Spanish (Spain).
    I´d put just after of, ...of just distinguishing...
    Very helpful, really :), cause I didn't thought of it, not that "harsh"! :thumbsup: What was also wrong to not put comma after "just": "just, of distinguishing"; at least, it would have been more understandable!

    donbeto, thanks for your confirmation opinion! :thumbsup:

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