thoughie / toughie

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the word is thoughie
context: The group members unexpectedly turned out to be a bunch of thoughies instead of neurotic east-coast hypochondriacs

looked for it but i find it neither in my bilingual dictionary nor in the monolingual-u.s. slang nor in the web

thankyou :)
  • tepatria

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    I think the word you are looking for is toughies, which can be bullies or big, strong gang members, that sort of person. In this context, the toughies may be people with a healthy, strong look about them, rather than the more negative connotation. Welcome to the forum and congratulations for searching other options before asking us. So often the other options give a good answer!
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    G.R.Owl MP

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    After having done a little research around sites I don't usually frequent, I can report that a 'thoughie' seems to be an alternate suggestion that is lightweight in nature, because it has not been thought through properly or it has come from someone without much credibility, or because it is intended as a joke, so GWB would seem to be correct.

    I should also mention that one of the sites I visted spoke of someone who was in the army in 1948 whose nickname was 'Thoughie', so it's not new.
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