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Hello everyone,

I am not a French speaker sorry and usually am only in the Spanish forums. My boss has asked me to try finding a French expression that he said translated to "thoughts on the staircase." I have already searched the forum. It means an afterthought and that you only thought of something important after it was too late to do anything about it. If anyone knows the expression, if it even exists, that'd be great. Thank you all,

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    There's a thread entitled "esprit d'escalier" that might help clear things up for you, Jack (especially posts 4, 10, and 11).

    jprr, Jack ne disait pas que l'expression existait en anglais, il disait que quelqu'un avait déjà entendu l'expression et se souvenait d'une traduction littérale, mais ne savait pas l'expression d'origine.
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