Thourio ΘΟΥΡΙΟ


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Antonios Rigas Velestinlis wrote Thourio. How would one translate this word - Thourios - i know it is like a poem but it is more that that obviously. Does it have an ancient Greek meaning such as warlike or call to war?
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    Yes thanks for the obvious help...I'm looking for something deeper...the ancient Greek is
    θούριος having a meaning of rushing toward war...


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    I'd just add that Homer used "θούρος" (without the "ι") to allude to Ares, the god of war.


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    The posts above explain the meaning of "θούριος".
    Ι'd like to add that the choice of the name is not accidental, considering that it is a patriotic, revolutionary anthem that aims to awaken the Greeks enslaved by the Ottoman yoke.


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    "Α call to arms."
    In modern Greek, θούριος is almost exclusively used with reference to that particular song, two lines of which are known to every Greek:
    Καλύτερα μιας ώρας ελεύθερη ζωή / παρά σαράντα χρόνια σκλαβιά και φυλακή.