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Quelqu'un sait-il ce que signifie "thread-papers" dans cette phrase tirée de The Rivals (Sheridan) :

"Fag : Why, I believe she owns half the stocks! Zounds! Thomas, she could pay the national debt as easily as I could my washerwoman! She has a lapdog that eats out of gold,—she feeds her parrot with small pearls,—and all her thread-papers are made of bank-notes!"

Merci d'avance.
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    Voici ce qu'en dit le OED :

    A strip of thin soft paper folded in creases so as to form separate divisions for different skeins of thread; the paper so folded forming a long and narrow strip.

    1761 STERNE Tr. Shandy III. xli, What is become of my wife's thread-paper? 1796 F. BURNEY Camilla II. 404 [She] had lost the thread-paper from which she was to mend her gown. 1880 Plain Hints Needlework 57 It should be cut at each end of the skein and folded securely into a ‘thread paper’.

    Franchement, ma lanterne n'est pas très éclairée...

    la grive solitaire

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    Here's a definition from a footnote of an online version of The Rivals; thread-papers seem to be an early type of carding for skeins of (embroidery?) floss.

    "Thread-papers: strips of paper folded in creases, around which different skeins of threadwere wound."


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    Est-ce que ce serait un morceau de papier sur lequel on aurait enroulé des fils de différentes couleurs (un peu comme on trouve ce type de rouleau aujourd'hui dans les petits nécessaires de couture : au lieu d'avoir une bobine par fil, on a 5 ou 6 couleurs côte à côte)?
    Donc ici, elle utiliserait des billets de banque en guise de support.
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