Threads listed on dictionary pages ... which don't exist


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Something reminded me this morning of an English Only thread about the pronunciation of thank you as thenk you.
I searched for thenk you in the Eng Def dictionary, which led me to here. On that page it lists the thread Thank you or Thenk you? (pronunciation question) . That link leads nowhere.
To double-check I also searched for thank you where I found the same thread listed, with the same dead link.

Erm? why list threads that don't exist?
  • DonnyB

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    We don't do that deliberately... honest! :p

    It looks like it may have been a thread merger which went wrong, but I've found the thread in question and re-titled it so it now shows up: we may have to remove the dud entry separately.

    If you don't want to bother searching again, this is it:
    pronunciation: thank (thank you vs. thenk you)



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    Thanks Donny :)

    EDIT: It turns out (after all that :rolleyes: ) that wasn't the thread I was thinking of, which was far more recent and dealt with a sort of 'affected' pronunciation of thank you as something like thenk you or think you or sink you. I've not managed to find it using any of those terms, though :(
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