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Hi, everyone!
I read a book called Theft by Finding recently, and I don't understand a word in it(p304):
I was drunk and stoned, watching the twenty-four-hour Twilight Zone marathon at three a.m., when a commercial came on.

I want to ask a question: what's the way to write 'three a.m.'? I remember it could write '3A.M.', or '3 A.M', so which one is correct? And it must be the capital form after the number like 1,2,3....?

Thanks in advance!:)
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    What don't you understand about it?

    I would write ' . . . 3am, when . . . '.

    I don't put any periods/full stops between or after the (lowercase) 'a' and 'm'. But I know AE has different conventions.

    This question has been asked numerous times before. This thread should be helpful: a.m. or am - punctuating time
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