Three hundred, three thousand

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  1. jmt356 Senior Member

    Is three hundred in MSA ثلاثمائة?
    In the Syrian dialect, is it ثلاثمية?

    Is three thousand in MSA ثلاثآلآف?
    In the Syrian dialect, is it ثلاثةَ آلآف?
  2. AndyRoo Senior Member

    In MSA, 300 is ثلاثمئة and 3000 is ثلاثة آلاف

    I'm not sure about Syrian, but guess 300 would be تلاتمية and 3000 would be تلاتة آلاف (nb: ت and not ث).
  3. fdb Senior Member

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    In classical (fuṣḥā) Arabic 300 is thalāthu miʼatin.
    You can write it as two words: ثلاث مائة
    or as one word: ثلاثمائة
    the spelling مئة also occurs, but is not common in classical books.

    In case you are interested, in pre-modern manuscripts thalāth(a) is almost always written without alif: ثلث ثلثة , usually without any nuqaṭ. But this does not affect the pronunciation.
  4. jmt356 Senior Member

    Dear fdb

    Thank you for this depth of detail. However, I am not sure how useful classical Arabic will be for me. For writing, I need MSA, basically, so that lawyers reading documents I prepare will understand them.

    In MSA, is it more common to connect ثلاث مائة or to keep them apart? In MSA, is it more common to use مائة or مئة?

    Thank you
  5. clevermizo Senior Member

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    These are the colloquial forms:

    تلت مية tlit/tlət miyye

    تلت آلاف tlit/tlət ālāf

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