three-way marginal (British political System)

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Hi everyone!
Does somebody know what a "Three-way marginal" means regarding the British political system? It comes from the following paragraph: "In a British general election, constituencies that might go to one party or another are called "marginal constituencies" (where three parties are eachin contention, which is not unknown, it is called a "three-way marginal").
Thanks for your help!
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    It's short for "three-way marginal constituency". "Three-way marginal" modifies the noun "constituency". It means that three parties have a realistic chance of winning the next election in that constituency: it's a contest between three contenders. There may be more than three parties contesting the constituency, but only three of them have enough support to stand a chance of winning. If only two parties stood a realistic chance of winning the constituency, we could talk of a "two-way marginal (constituency)".
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