through intimacy to the mystical fusion


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The ultimate limit, the completion toward which this kind of interpersonal knowledge moves, is through intimacy to the mystical fusion in which the two people become one in a phenomenological way that has been best described by mystics, Zen Buddhists, peak experiencers, lovers, estheticians, etc. In this experience of fusion a knowing of the other comes about through becoming the other, i.e., it becomes experiential knowledge from within. [...] And since experiential knowledge is the best kind of knowledge for many human purposes, a good mode of cognizing an object is to move toward fusion with it.
(The Psychology of Science; Abraham H. Maslow)

Would you be so kind as to tell me whether 'to' here is more like 'toward' (I suppose it can't mean 'with', can it)?

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    Yes, it means something like toward. This kind of interpersonal knowledge starts somewhere, moves through intimacy and eventually arrives at mystical fusion.
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