through its reminder to become aware and involved

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Lee Jongho

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What does "through its reminder to become aware and involved" mean?

The complete sentence follows:

But, Danckert and Eastwood argue, we can let boredom have the opposite effect, motivating the change we need.
The latest research suggests that an adaptive approach to boredom will help us avoid its troubling effects and, through its reminder to become aware and involved, might lead us to live fuller lives.

The source is from

Out of My Skull: The Psychology of Boredom: James Danckert, John D. Eastwood: 9780674984677: Books
  • S1m0n

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    "if you become aware of your boredom, you can learn that it is a cue to become more engaged". In other words, nonsense. This is pop psych bullshit. Means little or nothing.
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    From the Amazon blurb about this book (and presumably quoting from it):

    When we're bored, our minds are telling us that whatever we are doing isn't working--we're failing to satisfy our basic psychological need to be engaged and effective.

    The feeling of boredom is not pleasant, so the two co-writers are arguing that if we recognise this unpleasant feeling for what it is: a sort of wake-up call, that can motivate us to become "aware and involved".

    It takes a certain kind of talent to make something so obvious sound rather complex - if you get a grip and start doing interesting things, you will stop being bored :D .
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