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  1. mycityofsky Senior Member

    From an American sitcom called Friends, Season 04 Episode 09. Here is the transcript, Transcribed by Eric Aasen

    And so what if I like to go home, throw on some Kenny G, and take a bath!

    Kenny G seems to be a musician, so what's the meaning of "throw on" here? Does it mean something "play music" but in a hurry way? Thanks a lot. :)
  2. Franco-filly Senior Member

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    Yes. thefreedictionary gives the definition of "to throw something on" as "to quickly put on something" In this context "to quickly put a CD/record on or set one's mp3 player, etc to "play" .
  3. mycityofsky Senior Member

    Thank you, Franco-filly, I've looked up the dictionary before, but I only connected "put on" with "clothes". Now that I can "put a record on", everything makes sense. :)
  4. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    I would add that the sentence implies something that is not flattering. First of all "men" don't take baths, they shower, it is more manly. Secondly, Kenny G is by many regarded as a "cheesy" musician playing "cheesy" music. So the combination of the two really implies that Ross in this case is not manly. And if you look at the conversation that is actually the case; they start talking about things that are ok to do as a man gets a bit older and then Ross makes that comment, but the joke is that the comment doesn't really fit (because of what I just explained), and the punchline then follows:

    "We’re 29, we’re not women."

    That might have been clear though I guess. Sorry for the unnecessary commentary if it was.
  5. mycityofsky Senior Member

    Very helpful, MattiasNYC. But what's the difference between "take baths" and "shower"? I thought they were the same meaning.
  6. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    In this case I would say that taking a bath is done in a bath tub, filling it up and then lying there with the water now turned off. A shower is taken using the shower head which sprinkles water on you, usually while standing up. I suppose the mainstream view of men and women is that women like the "peacefulness" of taking a bath, which also tends to take a very long time, whereas men prefer to just get in the shower, clean up, and then get out. This isn't true for all people of course, and possibly not even for a majority, but my impression is that it's the image given by mainstream media/entertainment of men and women and how they are different.
  7. Myridon

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    I would say that "throw" or "toss" here is more about the a casual, haphazard, non-precise nature of the action than just the speed. I'm not going to carefully place the record on the turntable; I'm just going to toss it. Hurrying to play Kenny G is almost an oxymoron (his music is often languid and restful - "Songbird" is the piece that plays in my head when his name is mentioned).
  8. Sparky Malarky

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    Mattias is correct. However, occasionally people will say "take a bath" or "bathe" when what they really mean is "take a bath or a shower." The focus is not on how you get clean, just that you need to do so.
  9. mycityofsky Senior Member

    Thanks a lot, MattiasNYC, Myridon and Sparky Malarky. These knowledge is very helpful to me.

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