throw someone off

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It's from one of my friends' Facebook.

Cashier: So, how's high school going?
Me: Uh... fine...
My mom: She's in grad school.
Cashier: Really? I would have thought 14 or 15...
Me: I'm 27, but that's cool...
Must have been my swag sweatpants that threw him off.

I can guess the meaning of "throw someone off" in this context, but would like to see an explanation. Thank you very much!
  • Andygc

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    British English
    If you look in the Wordreference dictionary, you'll find definitions of throw off.
    throw offvb (mainly tr, adverb)
    • to free oneself of; discard
    • to produce or utter in a casual manner
    • to escape from or elude
    • to confuse or disconcert
    • (intr,) often followed by at: austral nz informal to deride or ridicule
    There's also a list of previous threads on the meaning of this phrasal verb. Is there some point you need to have explained or which confuses you?
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