throw something back in somebody's face

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Hello, there is this sentence even here in the WR dictionary but not translated:
I wish you wouldn't throw that incident back in my face every time we have a row!
Do you say jogar na cara, too?
So something like (in European Portuguese): Eu queria que não jogasses esse incidente na minha cara toda vez que disputamos.
  • jazyk

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    Brazílie, portugalština
    Toda vez que brigamos.

    But I don't think the Portuguese often use jogar in that sense. They are more
    likely to say deitar or arremessar, for example. In this particular situation, esfregar, also used in Brazil, would work.


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    'Atirar à cara'. 'Jogar' usa-se pouco em Portugal no sentido de arremessar. E em vez de 'disputamos' sugiro 'discutimos' e 'cada vez' onde escreveu 'toda vez'.
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