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What does "throw them at cars" mean? Does it mean that loquat fruits are used by children there as a stone to hurl it at passing cars to enjoy themselves? That is, loquat is simply rubbish there, or worse than rubbish since kids don't throw rubbish at cars.

Thanks in advance

“My only trepidation was that it was coming from a country with different standards,” said Mr. Modine, who was familiar with loquat from his childhood in Los Angeles. “They’d fall off a tree and we’d pick them up and throw them at cars.”

-The Wall Street Journal

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    It says that he and other kids would pick rotten loquat fruits up off the ground, and throw the loquat fruits at cars.

    I don't know what you mean by "used as a stone". A stone would be more dangerous (to a fast-moving car) than a rotten fruit. And I see no mention of "rubbish" or "enjoy". Those are your ideas.


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    Thank you.

    But if not for enjoying themselves, why would the kids throw rotten fruits at cars?
    Who knows why kids (and teenagers) do things? Even adults in the same region often guess wrong.

    You are free to guess. But whatever you guess, that is not part of the meaning of the sentence. It is entirely in your imagination.

    In my opinion, it is important to know the difference between:
    (1) things a sentence actually says
    (2) conclusions or ideas one reader may have

    Just because you can only think of one reason does not mean that Mr. Modine implies that reason in his sentence.
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